Tom Bancroft

Tom Bancroft

Tom Bancroft is a drummer, composer, bandleader and educator. Trained as a medical doctor Tom now makes a living from music. He has played with musicians ranging from Sun Ra and Martyn Bennett to Geri Allen and Bill Wells.

He leads occasional big band Orchestro Interrupto, group Trio Red,and the non-jazz electronic/experimental group Vincent – with Japanese avant grade pianist Satoko Fujii, as well as being a long term member of Trio AAB and a founder member of the Pathhead Music Collective. In 2007 he won the BBC Jazz Award for Innovation and a Herald Angel award for his kids music show Kidsamonium and in 2004 won the Creative Scotland Award. He has devised/produced a range of events like; Clandemonium – a 2000 strong jazz flash mob; Heidland – a fictional multi-media recreation of Pathhead in 5 spaces in Edinburgh’s Dancebase; and Multi Story Karma Park – the multi media jazz big band, dance, and video show that first introduced Martyn Bennett to Michael Marra. He has also composed music for dance, film, radio, and TV.

After running Scottish jazz record company Caber Music for 7 years, he now runs the music education company ABC Creative Music ( with his twin brother Phil. The company produces music creativity education resources for mainstream schools and has over 7000 teachers signed up to use lessons teaching creativity and improvisation to young children.

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