Lawrence Davies

Lawrence Davies

Lawrence Davies is a PhD student at King’s College London researching the performance and appreciation of blues music in Britain before 1960. As well as tracking the genre’s transatlantic dissemination through live performance, recordings, and radio, his research examines how the blues was interpreted through broader, transnational jazz and folk ‘revival’ movements, fueling contemporary debates over national, social, and racial identity.

Lawrence is currently writing the entry on ‘British Blues’ for the forthcoming Bloomsbury Encyclopedia of Popular Music of the World, and blogs about his research at From January – May 2016 he is a British Research Council Fellow at the Library of Congress in Washington, DC. In 2017, he will embark on an Edison Fellowship at the British Library to research the intertwined histories of classical, jazz, and ‘dance band’ music on record and radio in interwar Britain. Future plans include research on networks of creative labour in the blues.

Twitter: @allthirteenkeys

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