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Emma Webster Kendal Calling

Emma Webster is currently working as the Research Associate at the University of East Anglia on the one-year AHRC Connected Communities-funded project, the Impact of Festivals, with Professor George McKay, in collaboration with the EFG London Jazz Festival. She is a co-founder and co-Director of Live Music Exchange, a hub for anyone interested in live music research, and is a co-author on a three-part history of live music in Britain, as well as co-authoring the Edinburgh live music census report and the Association of Independent Festivals’ six-year report. Emma received her doctorate from the University of Glasgow in 2011; her research was a study of live music promotion in the UK, and her field of interest is live music, festivals, and cultural policy. Prior to returning to academia, Emma worked professionally for eight years in music in a variety of roles and genres including opera, ‘world’ music, acid techno, festivals and digital distribution.

Impact of Festivals website – https://impactoffestivals.wordpress.com/
Impact of Festivals Twitter – @festival_impact / http://twitter.com/festival_impact
Emma Webster website – http://emmawebster.org/
Emma Webster Twitter – @EmmaWebsterUK / http://twitter.com/EmmaWebsterUK

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