Luca Vitali – The Sound of the North

Luca VitaliThe organising committee is delighted to welcome Luca Vitali as a conference panellist.

Luca Vitali is one of the founding members of Europe Jazz Media – a community of jazz journalists, media professionals and broadcasters. He has organised various contemporary music and performing arts events, and since 2010 has worked as one of the artistic curators of Bologna’s Angelica Festival. He has collaborated with various Norwegian institutions in Italy (Royal Norwegian Embassy, Royal Norwegian Consulate in Bologna), as well as with Jazzforum, Music Norway, Listen to Norway and Jazznytt.

The Sound of the North – Norway and the European Jazz Scene is an English translation of Luca Vitali’s 2014 book ‘Il Suono del Nord’, charting the history of Norwegian jazz and its rise to international recognition as a cultural force within Europe and globally.

From the arrival of George Russell in Oslo in the 1960s through the emergence of jazz clubs and festivals, through to the present day, and taking in the cross-fertilisation of the classical and folk worlds ‘The Sound of the North’ presents Luca Vitali’s journey of discovery told through his own experiences and meetings with musicians, writers, journalists, promoters and record labels. It is a view of the Norwegian jazz scene from abroad, and as the curator of the English translation, Fiona Talkington has said: ” The author has gone to Norway not to intrude or take away its musical treasures, but to uncover and reveal the riches which are enduring, and the creative spirit of a seemingly quiet and reserved nation which has so much to say and so much to give.

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